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Kitchen Appliances from Cristal has the finest finish and exterior design, it provides highest quality towards every household, and determine to let consumers can enjoy all of Cristal’s products. Cristal has grown and developed and becomes a successful brand within the industry.

1988Cristal established by Mr. Gianni Pedrogchi from Vicenza, Italy started to manufacture built-in kitchen appliance such as electric hot plate and gas hob

1990Cristal made the first tempered glass built-in gas hob with different colour finishing stunning the market

1993 By the time of growth, Cristal created new concept of cooking and create the first dual fuel hob with electric hi-light and gas hob built-in gas hob with great success in the market

1998 After years of evolutions with a stable outcome of ceramic cook hobs and hoods of Cristal, wine cooler and electric oven lines launched to target a new market and customers

2000Cristal started to launch variegated products such as Island, Chimney and Telescopic type hood, different sizes of wine cooler to supply varied choices towards the market

2001Refrigerator product line launched

2002Cristal production continued to grow and kept upgrading own products’ quality and design, they started to seek about new market needs, all range of built-in kitchen appliances produced to fulfill and provide another option to consumers

2004Cristal developed a multifunctional bathroom device called Drymaster. Functions of Drymaster including humidifying, air-purifying and heating which can benefit every household to provide refreshing and good quality surroundings

2005A whole new revolution of steam oven called STEAMASTER launched in the market. The cooking types of steam is prevalent in Asia culture, Cristal willing to extend the brand towards Asia market to enhance the brand awareness in worldwide

2010High performance built-in washer and combo machine launched to Cristal’s product categories

2014New ‘wide space’ 4 door European made side by side refrigerator, with innovated convertible temperature zoning design created and out to the market with recognition

2015Electric oven SMART released. New trendy functions including 150 auto functions cooking menu and LED colour display. SMART electric oven well-presented and performed with excellence

2016Contemporary kitchen design is growing rapidly, consumers are seeking modern kitchen design. Hence, all Italian made ESSENCE series line launched, with high quality finish and built-in design, including combined steam oven, multifunction combined microwave oven and electric oven as a set of combination. Instrument panel with sensor controls technology equipped in ESSENCE series and it brings Cristal’s kitchen appliances and technology to the next level



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